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Welcome to my oyster! 

Joyclam is my space for art, healing, exploring, loving, and transforming, through and past depression, chronic Lyme disease, crises of faith, and this journey called life.  I'm not a coach, a teacher, or a healer, but having found much value in hearing others' stories, I've decided to tell my own.  This life itself may be my greatest masterpiece; what a shame it would be never to reveal it.

News will be downgraded to a Wix free site in Jan 2024.  I am sorry for the ugly links and advertising, but at this time, my work generates no income, and I firmly believe that being human and healing physical and mental illness should not be a commodity.

The Etsy shop will be taken down after the holiday.  Gifts and digital downloads will only be available through private request and pop-up shows afterward.

Dig in!

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